Please be informed we are running our traditional Boxing Day Blind Pairs Match (even though its not on Boxing Day, but it used to be years ago) on Saturday 29th December at Acorn Fishery.

This match is now an ”Open”.

£20 all in

Draw 08:30 at Acorn Fishery.

To book in please text or call our Match Secretary Adie Baker on 07988 736722 asap

Despite a match being fished on the lake the previous day the resident carp were happy to feed in the blustery but mild conditions. Venue regular Mark Bromsgrove didn’t fancy his chances when he drew peg 15 down the left hand straight but managed to fish the long pole across to the far bank margins despite the wind using soft 4mm pellet on the hook and feeding micros to catch steady through-out the 5 hours or a match winning 111lbs of carp.
Match Secretary Adie Baker was on peg 1 and was fishless for the first hour but went on to catch 78lb of carp on soft pellet down his right hand margin which was enough for second place. Rod Duffery filled third place with 64lb of carp from peg 21.
1st and 2nd place catch pictures are on the photo gallery page of this site.
The next match is on 16th December at Plantation Lakes, to book in phone Adie on 07988 736722.

Adie Baker is now taking names for the Clubs Christmas Match which is being held on The Paddock Lake, Acorn Fishery on Sunday 2nd December. £20 for members, £25 non members. Draw 09.00 The Bridge Inn Yatton, breakfast available from 08.00, fish 10.00 – 15.00. Lots of prizes plus raffle. Contact Adie on 07988 736722, priority to Club members so book in early.

All key holders of Kenn Rd. Car Park please note…..The lock has been changed by the Environment Agency due to a Fly Tipping problem and it is evident that a vehicle has been driven in to dispose of the rubbish. There is no further access to the car park to current key holders until further notice. We have been given one new key which allows us access for match day parking. Hopefully this issue can be resolved soon. If anyone has information on Fly Tipping at this sight please let us know. Thank you.

Clevedon Freshwater Angling Club held the annual Dave Fowler Senior Memorial Charity Match on the River Kenn in aid of ‘’Springboard’’ which assists children with additional needs and disabilities. Changeable and cold conditions meant the fishing was always going to be difficult and it did turn out that way with fish tightly shoaled towards the outfall. Chris Hook drew lucky peg 7 and initially started on the Feeder getting bites from small roach but then switched to the pole which increased his catch rate as well as the size of fish. He had a busy day and went on to weigh 12lb 6oz which was good enough for a match win. Barry Fowler made the mid week practice pay off from peg 2 weighing 11lb 12oz of roach and second place, he also won the ‘’guess the winning weight’’ prize. Third place was filled by Matt Davis from peg 4 with 10lb 4oz. Above Strode Road bridge it was incredibly hard but four unseasonal tench were caught, the largest 5lb which fell to Match Secretary Adie Baker. A total of £251 was raised for the Charity.
The Club would like to thank local Tackle Shops for their support as well as Ecolab, The Bridge Inn and The Blue Flame Public House.
Here are some photos…..

Winner Chris Hook

Adie Baker

Kev Perry

This years Dave Fowler Senior Memorial Match is on Sunday 7th October and will be held on the River Kenn in aid of ……

Clevedon Freshwater Angling Club held the first of their autumn competitions on the River Kenn above and below Strode Road. A light warm breeze and an overcast sky in conjunction with a perfect tide brought the fish on the feed. Mark Bromsgrove caught a mixed bag of quality bream, hybrids and roach using the waggler and whip from peg 11 weighing 19lb 8oz which was enough for first place.  Downstream on peg 7 was Gary Cross who had a similar mix of fish weighing 15lb 4oz and second place. Lance Tucker took third place with a level 13lb from peg 44.


Clevedon Freshwater Angling Club held a competition against Fry’s Angling Club from Bristol on Durleigh Reservoir just outside Bridgwater. It was a wet start for competitors but soon developed into a pleasant day, slightly overcast with a light breeze. Various methods work on the venue and anglers had to decide to target the large shoals of bream on the Feeder at distance or Float fish for the high numbers of roach close in. Clevedon Match Secretary Adie Baker decided on the Feeder at distance and was rewarded with a 15lb carp which fell to a worm on his first cast. Unfortunately any carp caught were capped at a 5lb weight. That really didn’t matter to Adie as he went on to net 40lb of bream giving him a total weight of 45lb 8oz and an individual match win.
Fry’s angler Jason Bird had the next best weight fishing the Feeder at distance and weighed 33lb 6oz. Another Fry’s angler Merv Sivell filled third spot with 31lb 10oz of roach all caught short on the float, Clevedon Club Chairman Steve Bonwick was fourth place with 17lb.
The Clevedon Club won the day with a total weight of 102lb 5oz to Fry’s 92lb 6oz.

Please note that if you intend to fish the River Kenn you will need to purchase a Day Permit or a Full Season Permit in advance. NO PERMITS ARE SOLD ON THE BANK.

Full year and day tickets can be purchased at the following out-lets:

Veals of Bristol
{Click Here to visit their website}

Oliver’s Angling at 10 Alexandra Road, Clevedon

Cadbury Angling at Acorn Fishery
{Click Here to visit their Facebook page}

Reel Fun Fishing on Portishead Marina
{Click Here to visit their website}

Bristol Angling Centre in Southmead, Bristol
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The Fishing Warehouse in Weston Super Mare

We would also remind anglers that removing fish from our waters for the table is strictly prohibited, please report any incidents of this nature,  Email: